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BEST PARTY GAME: Kings, Ring of Fire, and Circle of Death fans rejoice! This is the classic drinking game you love revamped. This deck includes fan-favorites from across college campuses nationwide plus new, never-before-seen cards. So it's the same but different! You’ll be exploding with laughter.

WATERPROOF CARDS: Spill all you want, these cards won’t get damaged. Made from a lightweight plastic that’s durable yet bendable for easy shuffling. Play by the pool, jacuzzi, or beach without worry.
PERFECT GIFT: Ideal for college students, 21st birthdays, graduations, your best friend, for the girls, strangers, stocking stuffers, white elephants, bachelorette party, girls night, date night, game nights, dorm rooms, pregaming, hangouts, camping, and traveling.
PLAY INSTANTLY: Each of the 120 cards has instructions so no need to explain the rules to your friends. Simply pull a card, read aloud, follow the command, and kickstart your night! For 3+ players. Average playtime is 30 minutes.
HIGHLY REPLAYABLE: Tired of playing drinking games that are repetitive and absurdly uncomfortable? This group game hits the sweet spot making each time feel different, fun, and worthy of headlining the party.

King’s Cup Extreme - Drinking Games - Card Games for Adults - Party Games - G

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