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                           The Drunk Party Game is the perfect game for adult game night success. WHAT’S INSIDE: 250 playing cards that are guaranteed to get everyone having a good time. Don’t want to drink? We don’t judge! Easily substitute a “drink” for a non alcoholic drink. You are still guaranteed to have fun and learn more about your overconfident friends. THE RULES: So simple but so fun! Place cards in the middle of group. Each player takes a turn pulling a card. Player reads card aloud and follows instructions. Please play responsibly! The Drunk Party Game is also available in the Drunk Confidence Combo Pack!                                                     
  • The Drunk Party Game is a fun, social adult party card game for the ultimate game night!
  • This sometimes interactive (but always easy) game mixes challenges and truth-or-dare style questions. No matter what your cards says, chances are someone will be taking a drink!
  • Take turns pulling a card from the deck, read it out loud and follow the simple instructions.
  • If you can cheer, robot dance, know your beer brands, or ever drunk texted - you can play this game!
  • Perfect for small and large groups, dinner parties, game night, or even as an ice breaker. Game can be played with or without alcohol.

The Drunk Party Game [Adult Party Drinking Game]

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